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Some helpful tips


What to pack?

Keep in mind that our weather is on the warmer side so you will definitely want swimsuits, flip flops, sneakers, summer outfits, and a mix of casual and formal outfits. Mostly everything is available in Antigua, you can easily find clothing, accessories & personal care items.

Important to bring!

Any specific medications you may need 

Specific brands of cosmetics or personal care items.

The Voltage in Antigua is both 110V & 220V and uses your standard

(American style) plug.



 Currency Information!

The currency used throughout Antigua is Eastern Caribbean dollars, However we do accept United states dollars at an exchange rate of 2.6/ 2.7 depending on where you shop. When landing in Antigua you can exchange money at a kiosk at the airport. We suggest exchanging a small amount just to get you by until you can head into town or a shopping mall and exchange more for a better rate.


 Having cash is always a necessity in Antigua especially for transportation purposes; such as taxis. Be sure to let your credit card companies know you are traveling to avoid any restrictions on your cards if you choose to use them.

How to get to Antigua?

Non-stop flights are available from the Canada, the United States, the UK as well as numerous islands throughout the Caribbean.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions
according to the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority.

What Currency do you use in Antigua ?

Antigua and Barbuda use the Eastern Caribbean Dollar which can be purchased at most commercial banks.  Antigua and Barbuda many establishments will also accept US dollars, which is fixed to the US dollar at US$1.00 = EC$2.70. Of course, actual exchange rates will vary slightly from that number, depending on whether you’re buying or selling, and who you’re exchanging with. US currency, travelers checks and major credit cards are welcome everywhere.


What Beaches should we visit in Antigua?

 Antigua and Barbuda is the land of 365 beaches. It’s impossible to recommend just one. However we have put together a short list of our personal Favorites for you to check out!


Where should I go to get the best pictures in Antigua and Barbuda?

There are multiple scenic vantage points on both islands, but the iconic view from Shirley Heights and Nelson’s Dockyard are said to be the most memorable.


Customs Regulations

The duty-free allowance is as follows: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g tobacco,

1 litre wine or spirits, 170ml (6ozs) perfume. Weapons of war and unprescribed

drugs are prohibited.



240 Volts, 50 cycles AC (a few hotels are 110 Volts, 60 cycles).

Adaptors are generally available at the resorts.


Entry Requirements

Visitors to Antigua and Barbuda require a valid passport, a return or onward ticket, confirmation of accommodation throughout the stay and sufficient funds for the duration of the stay. On arrival, the immigration officer must be satisfied that your reason for visiting Antigua and Barbuda is legitimate.


Shopping Hours

Monday thru Saturday 8am to 5pm.


There is a network of 26 community health facilities, one public hospital in Antigua, and an 8-bed medical facility in Barbuda that provide healthcare services to the people of Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua and Barbuda has a number of qualified general practitioners and specialists on the island. There are also well-equipped testing clinics. The healthcare services in Antigua and Barbuda are known to be adequate, but there are some major conditions that cannot be treated. It is best to check in advance if the facility near you can treat all conditions.


Most hotels have general practitioners as part of the staff. If there isn’t one, you can ask the desk for a recommendation for the appropriate doctor or specialist. Doctors, ophthalmologists and dentists are also listed in the telephone book.

The main medical care facility in Antigua is the Mount St. John’s Medical Center. Its facilities adhere to international standards. This hospital provides services such as casualty, maternity, and radiology with the latest in digital technology, pharmacy, pathology, surgery, intensive care, a children’s ward and a special care unit for

babies born prematurely.


The hospital also offers health promotion and prevention programs for diabetes, hypertension and antenatal care. The hospital even has a blood bank, and provides medical treatment for dialysis, nephrology, oncology, reconstructive surgery, and physiotherapy and rehabilitation.


(Here are some of our recommendations)



Address: Lauchland Benjamin Dr,

Dr. Joseph John & Associates

St John's Phone: (268) 481-5200



Woods Urgent Care:

Woods Centre Friars Hill Road,St. John's.

Dr. Jason Belizaire 

(268) 562 1168  Email:

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